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Comprehensive Security Solutions

Security Consultants & Crisis Management Planning

Apogee Security Services offers comprehensive risk mitigation and crisis management solutions tailored to the needs of companies, individuals and their counsel. Our clients have unique, high-risk profiles requiring access to a broad range of skills and support solutions to mitigate risks and manage crises. These solutions range from sophisticated global security measures, investigations, compliance and ethics programs, and public relations.

Best in Class

personalized attention and unmatched knowledge and experience, delivered with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Apogee Security’s global offerings bring our clients the experience and expertise of our “best in class” professional staff made up of former federal agents, cyber and computer forensics experts and forensic accountants, among others. Our team offers clients personalized attention and unmatched knowledge and experience, delivered with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Apogee Security helps clients identify, respond to, and prevent reputational, physical, cyber, and financial threats and crises that arise. In addition to providing long-term risk and crisis management solutions, Apogee Security’s global team, available 24/7/365 and possessing multi-language capabilities, is ready to respond during emergencies.

Quick and Decisive

Crisis management and assetment to decisive action

Clients often have to act quickly, decisively and effectively to address a full range of incidents that unexpectedly may impact assets and reputations. Our team of experts assesses vulnerability for crises, develops crisis prevention plans, responds to crises when they occur and, after occurrence, provides post-incident assessments to contain reputational threats and prevent future incidents.

We work with clients to develop crisis management plans for business and individuals, focused on physical and personal safety and asset and brand protection, to enable the engagement of critical resources in a timely manner to contain, respond to, and mitigate the impact of a crisis. We also liaise with relevant government agencies on a global basis to assist during a crisis situation, such as responding to an actual kidnapping or other comparable threats to personal security. 


Post-incident assessments

Our post-incident assessments serve as the template for developing proactive measures to identify and prevent possible future incidents. Where necessary, our in-house technology consultants and engineers also design, upgrade and install sophisticated systems.

Finally, Apogee Security has long-term relationships with world-class public relations firms with offices throughout the world. Our clients have timely access to these resources for advice and media contacts to assist in mitigating reputational damage and controlling media attention. 

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