Don't Wait for Crime to happen


Get the job done

Property Protection & Personal Security

If you need property protection or personal security, Apogee Security Services provides qualified professionals who are fully trained to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We specialize in complete CCTV installation and monitoring, on-site vehicle and foot patrol, and Contract Security Services. Let us know what kind of protection you need, and we will deliver.

Qualified Proffesionals

Commercial Property Protection

Use our uniformed security officers to patrol your commercial building or business on foot or by car. Officers may be armed or unarmed, at your discretion. Each officer undergoes a rigorous background check and must pass our certification process. Our armed officers must meet Georgia’s requirements to qualify for employment.

Keep your family protected

Residential Property Protection

Be proactive and keep your family and home protected at all times. Our uniformed residential security guards meet the same criteria as above. The patrol vehicles alone act as a deterrent to crime, as they are clearly marked. Chose any length contract you want. Just tell us your security needs and we’ll set an appointment for a security assessment of your residence or business. Click here to learn more about our vehicle patrols.

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