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 CCTV Monitoring


What is wrong with this video?  The video is over 5 minutes long and law enforcement officials have not been notified. What's the purpose of having security cameras in your home if they're not being monitored while you're away on business or vacation? Apogee Security will be alerted immediately once intruders enter your home or business.  Our agents will then notify the local authorities.  With our CCTV monitoring service, you can control when you want your residence or business monitored by us.  Simply notify us when you're leaving, submit your activation code to the cameras you want activated, those cameras will be monitored while you're away. Only you can control which cameras you want monitored.  It's that simple

Our security surveillance and maintenance services, including virtual monitoring, DVR solutions, and remote data backup and storage, gives peace of mind to home and business owners.  Combined with our CCTV monitoring services, digital security surveillance systems, and CCTV camera solutions, our equipment delivers the highest quality video.  Selecting the right surveillance system on your own can be tricky.  Shop online with us and one of our qualified sales agent will help you select the right system for your needs.  Apogee Security Services top priority is customer service. Our talented staff of technicians and support team members are surveillance and monitoring professionals. .  


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