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"Thank you for visiting Apogee Security Service's website.  Our mission is to ensure that you are well protected at all times.  We are dedicated security professionals that are fully committed to our clients. Remember people, it's always better to be proactive than reactive." -LM

Lamont Martinez is a State licensed Private Detective/Investigator, and a State Certified Classroom Instructor. He is the President & CEO of Apogee Investigations.  Mr. Martinez founded Apogee Security Services with a combination of industry experience and education. A seasoned Security expert, Lamont got his start in the security industry as a security officer more than twenty-five years ago. Within a year he worked his way up the ranks.  At age nineteen, Lamont became a site supervisor in charge of twenty-six security officers with Management Safeguard, Inc.  From there he continued to work his way up the ranks.  He became an Account Manager and took on the huge task of overseeing numerous security accounts throughout a very challenging and competitive market in New York City.  Eventually he was promoted to Operations Manager, where he stayed in that position for several years.  

Mr. Martinez wanted to expand his knowledge of the Security industry at every capacity.  He took on a very demanding sales position with a large Security firm in New York City.  Although he was in this position for only a few years, it was Lamont's lead that was responsible for securing a $42 million dollar contract with a New York based property management company. Lamont eventually was promoted to the Sales Manager position.  He ran the day to day operations of that department. 

Lamont once considered returning to school with the intentions of becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney. That idea quickly changed after the tragic events of 9/11.  The events on that day caused Lamont to reevaluate which direction he wanted to go with his career.  He had to choose between going to Law school or to continue with his passion and dedication to provide exceptional security service. Either way, Lamont felt it was incumbent upon him to help his country in some capacity in the Criminal Justice/Security arena. He decided to focus on the Security and Law enforcement industry.  

Although he already earned a degree in Computer Science, Lamont enrolled in John Jay College of Criminal Justice and earned his B.A. in Criminal Justice. Two years later, he earned his Masters of Science in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix.

After completing his Masters degree, Lamont considered joining the New York City Police Department or the New York City Department of Corrections.  In fact, he went through an extensive hiring process with both agencies and was invited to join the New York City Police Department Academy. After giving it further thought and consideration he declined the offer because he felt his true calling was in the Security Industry. He decided to launch Apogee Security Services.  

Lamont Martinez understands the importance of constantly learning and never becoming complacent. He trains his staff to follow his lead as the consummate security professional, remaining ever vigilant and completely focused on providing the best security services for all of his clients.  Lamont encourages all visitors to this website to complete the website survey for feedback and suggestions.  

Lamont believes in the importance of giving back and helping others to succeed.  He's an exceptional motivational speaker and is available for speaking engagements.  Please contact him via email: