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Your company's reputation is extremely important to succeed. In today's world a great percentage of advertising is done via the Internet. This means that there are millions of people out there online that have access to your company. Therefore, it's nearly impossible to control what is being said online about your company. Apogee Security has a solution for this. It's called Reputation Patrol. For a low monthly fee our experts will monitor your company's online reputation daily. It takes more than just a Google search to get results. Our experts and licensed private investigators will monitor all the social media outlets that your company has a page or listing on.  We have access to numerous databases that are not available to the public as well.  This gives us an edge to discover negative information quicker and more accurately.  Also, there are numerous websites that allow consumers to post complaints about your company.  The down side to this is that some of these complaints can be inaccurate or not even true at all. Protect your reputation by knowing what is being said about your company.  It's never a good thing to ignore negativity that is being reported about your company.  Some of us are simply not aware of what is being reported. This task can be time consuming, and we are well aware that some of us may not know which direction to turn.  Apogee Security will provide your company with feedback, and offer solutions on how to challenge or remove the information.  Here is what you will get when you sign up for our service:

  • Daily monitoring of all Internet social media outlets that your company has a page or listing on.
  • You will receive a notification email when once we discover a negative complaint about your company 
  • Suggestions on how to challenge or remove the negative or false information 
  • A detailed monthly report will be generated showing our findings

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